How It All Began

January 13, 2015 was a regular morning, one pretty much just like any other day.  I  was backing my car around at my house.  Then, I glanced over my shoulder. The sun poking through the tree branches and through the arbor gate struck me as so beautiful that I put the vehicle in park, and grabbed my cell for a quick photo.

And…that’s when it hit me.   I rush around all the time, and I don’t even see these things.  I should notice these moments in my life all the time—every day, even.

2015-01-13So, from January 13th on, I’ve taken on this challenge that I set for myself.  (Well, OK, I have missed one day:  January 26th.  But I decided it was only one day. Besides, I’d already committed to the idea on Facebook, and friends were watching!)

Along the way, this simple little act has led to some really surprising exchanges with friends, and some unexpected actions and discussions. I figured this was just a silly New Year’s resolution.  It’s not like I thought this would save the world or anything.

But it has definitely changed my attitude.  I find myself wondering what is out there that will strike me today.  I appreciate things more, especially little, quiet “beautiful” thing. I have changed routines so I can catch a particular light.  (That’s another unexpected bonus:  I’m making our two dogs happy; I take them with them as I chase sunrises and morning light.)

What this project has really been about is how I look at things differently–and how others have also been similarly inspired.  Like my college-aged niece, who now takes pictures of sunrises and texts them to me.  Like my second son, who noticed the clouds at sunset, and sent them to me.  Like my husband who first scoffed–but now often comments “that would be a good one for your beauty of the day thing.” Like the friend stopped to take a photo of a spider’s web, back lit on a soft September morning.

And I wonder: what would happen if we were all looking for the beauty of the day?